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1998 JUNTEE Trading was established.

1998 JUNTEE Trading was appointed by Indian Sugar and Engineering Corporation (ISGEC) to market its products in the Philippine Sugar Industry.

2000 JUNTEE Trading was appointed by Formosa Heavy Industries (FHI) to sell Reduction Gears and Gear Increasers in the Philippines.

2006 JUNTEE Trading got the huge breakthrough when the company got the order for 1 x 45 TPH TG Boiler and 1600 TCD Raw Syrup Mill for ISGEC ad 8.2 MW TG Set for Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd. from Brozeoak Philippines.

2006 JUNTEE Trading was appointed by KBK Chem Engineering to market ethanol plants.

2006 Through JUNTEE Trading, KBK Chem Engineering got their first ethanol distillery plant having a capacity of 125,000 LPD from Bronzeoak, Philippines.

2007 JUNTEE Industrial Works, Inc. (now JUNTEE Philippines, Inc.) was established offering construction services.

2008 JUNTEE Trading got the order for KBK Chem Engineering from Central Azucarera Don Pedro for 100,000 LPD Ethanol Plant, 30 TPH Boiler and 4 MW TG Set.

2011 JUNTEE Philippines, Inc. (JPI) was incorporated to effectively replace JUNTEE Trading and JUNTEE Industrial Works, Inc. in the market.

2014 Gurdev Engineering and Industries Pvt. Ltd. has appointed JPI as their exclusive representative in the Philippines for all of their products and services.

2014 Tomsa Destil, S.L has appointed JPI to market its products and services in the Philippine Ethanol Industry.

2015 Truwater Cooling Towers Sdn Bhd has appointed JPI to market its cooling towers in the Philippines.

2015 Triveni Turbine Ltd appointed JPI as its agent to promote the sale of Steam Turbines, Turbo-Generator Sets, Spares and Refurbishing Services.

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